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The Making of NMLS: 2 - Building the Supervision Coalition

August 02, 2023 Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) Season 2023 Episode 8
Simply Stated - All Things Finance
The Making of NMLS: 2 - Building the Supervision Coalition
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In episode two, we start with an interview with then-CSBS President and CEO John Ryan. John shares the story behind when state regulators decided it was time to develop a nationwide licensing system. We determine exactly who had the idea first, the initial reaction of commissioners in 2003 and what ultimately led to embarking on the creation of NMLS.

About "The Making of NMLS" Series

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act, or HERA, was signed into law fifteen years ago on July 30, 2008. HERA included the SAFE Act, which required mortgage loan originators to register or be licensed in the Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System (NMLS).

In celebration of 15 years of NMLS, CSBS is releasing a podcast series about the creation of NMLS. Join us each week through August as we interview the regulators and leaders responsible for one of history's most ambitious 50-state projects.


  • Vickie Peck - Executive Vice President, Products & Solutions
  • Buz Gorman - Executive Vice President, General Counsel
  • John Ryan - Former CSBS President and CEO
  • Neil Milner - Former CSBS President and CEO
  • Bill Matthews - Former President and CEO of State Regulatory Registry LLC
  • Steve Antonakes - Former Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks; Former Deputy Director of the CFPB
  • Gavin Gee - Former Director of the Idaho Department of Finance; Former CSBS Chair
  • Joe Smith - Former North Carolina Commissioner of Banks
  • Tom Gronstal - Former Superintendent of Banking in Iowa
  • Darrin Domingue - Former Chief Examiner of the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions
When State Regulators Began Discussions on a Licensing System
CSBS & the Mortgage Industry
Who Came up with the Idea for NMLS?
How Did States Respond?
The States Discuss Coordination
Placing Trust into CSBS
Gathering Time, Money and Support
Starting the Work